About Tony Spunk

Well hi there!  This is Antonio Spunk III here, bringing my blog to the happening haven of WordPress, where I can hang with all you lovely ladies (and maybe some of you gents also, but “hangin'” in your case doesn’t have anything to do with touching your back yard or stroking your nipples, you dig?).

I am a lounge singer, making my living here in sunny Las Vegas, a city stocked to the seams with steaming assholes and opportunists and dudes who’ll touch your junk for a buck if you let them.

Anyways, I do a curious array of fetching tunes from all over the loungeasphere and I am not above a little Tom Jones, you dig.  The ladies love Tom Jones and will happily part with their panties just to be in the same room as his godliness.  He’s sort of an old dude now though, so I am hoping to take over where he left off only with glitzier suits and a little more pazazzaz!  So if you’re ever in Vegas, drop in and say hey and I might even sing a song just for you, ladies.  I don’t sing for dudes, so don’t ask.  I’m happy to buy you a beer or arm wrestle, however.  I ain’t mean.


2 Responses to About Tony Spunk

  1. katrocket says:

    Tony baby!!! I love the new look!!! Very stylish, not unlike like yourself.

  2. tonyspunk says:

    Pretty lady, I am delighted to hear it. And yes, Tony is a stylish dude. Not many dudes can carry off frills and sequins without sacrificing their penis but I feel I have it licked. Remind me never to use the words “penis” and “licked” in the same sentence ever again unless it involves a lovely lady.

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