Ding Dong

Have you guys ever been abandoned, naked on a street corner, chained to a lamp post with a bell tied round your junk? Welcome to my Saturday night.

It was all going pretty well till some dude and his huge, hairy, bromance friends showed up and tricked me into going outside (See…I actually KNOW a chick named Selma so I totally believed she was out in the parking lot waiting for me). Naturally she wasn’t. But they were. Seemingly I boned some guy’s ex girlfriend who he still had a bit of a psycho crush on and he wasn’t happy to find out. She apparently told the cops if they hurt me she’d go down there to the cop shop and tell them who did it, so instead, he and his lame assed friends thought chaining me to a lamp post, naked, was a good alternative.

The joke’s on him however, as he had to totally get friendly with ‘The Captain’ to get that bell on there. I bet that dude got a boner from handling such an awesome, prime piece of meat. Then immediately went home and put a gun in his mouth, knowing it can never be his.

Thankfully Pedro came out looking for me and lent me his coat till he could bust me free. And no, there are no photos.

Viva las Vegas.


4 Responses to Ding Dong

  1. Aww man. This can only happen to The Spunk. The question is, did YOU get a boner? Because that’s the test you know.

  2. Cynnie says:

    you really should start carrying a camera up your ass ..
    I need photos 🙂

  3. You see, this is what I live in fear of, given that I’m getting married in the summer.

  4. Tony Spunk says:

    Sass-assin – Yes ma’am, this crapola always happens to me. Now maybe YOU wanna remove my bell?

    Cynnie – That might be uncomfortable as all you’d see is the seat of my shiny pants. And some unpleasantly hairy man crack.

    Senor Reviewer – Don’t worry man, for the pre marriage type of hijinks I believe they’d omit the bell part. No bell on your bell end. Of course the rest is highly possible. Congrats amigo!

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