Another Year, Another Beer

Holy macaroni, buddies!  I guess I’ve been pretty lazy on the whole blog thing lately and my only real excuse for this is my hectic, crazy life as the Hef of Las Vegas (either that or laziness, I’ll let you decide).  Anyway, I have been kind of busy with shows and the like and I will update about that pretty soon.   Because I have tales, ladies and genitals!

That’s “tales” not “tails” in case you were worried, although I do have one pretty spectacular tail as it happens.  It’s on my front and it’s quite substantial, ladies!  Line up over here.

Tales later compadres!  ‘Feliz Nuevo Ano’, which might actually mean ‘Happy new anus’ in which case, forget I said anything.


2 Responses to Another Year, Another Beer

  1. katrocket says:

    Happy New Year to you and Pedro! I expect great things from you and your organ this year.

  2. Tony Spunk says:

    Happy New Year to you fine lady. ROWR! Hey anytime you want babe, Tony will provide the rocket if you provide the Kat if you get my drift. I know you get my drift.

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