Tony Salutes the President, Erect

So we had an election here in the good ole U. S. of A. yesterday, you guys might have seen it?  That Barack dude won, which pleased all the Mexicans I know so much that my local liquor store ran out of tequila.

And who can blame them?  The last guy wanted to send them all back to Mexico or shoot off their danglies or whatever.  Maybe the new guy will be more friendly towards our little brown friends?

I’m not a political type of guy, my politics mainly extend to the ladies and how to get the ladies into my waterbed, you dig?  I don’t toe the party line or anything due to my general distrust of politician types, although the day a candidate campaigns in a pink tuxedo I might vote for that guy due to his enormous, globe-encompassing balls.  But I’m sort of hopeful this Obama guy will do something good for the country and quit the Bush favorite pastime of executing people with one leg and pardoning murders and stuff like that.

Plus, let’s be honest here, Obama’s wife has a fine badonkadonk on her that old Tony wouldn’t mind slapping with a rubber glove.  If you’re going to vote a dude to be President, make sure he has a nice looking wife.  I mean y’all voted for Clinton once and look what happened there.  Y’all didn’t look at Hilary did you?  Plus you can say what you want about old Bush (and I often do after a few martinis) but his wife’s a looker.  Not bad for an old broad at all.  Although you have to wonder what mental deficiency she’s hiding that convinced her to marry that old dingbat, right?

So here’s to a new America, or at least the old one with some enthusiasm.  I’m going to go see if Pedro’s come out of his tequila coma yet so we can work on some new numbers.  Take it easy compadres.


4 Responses to Tony Salutes the President, Erect

  1. Poobomber says:

    Would you hit Mrs. Clinton if you were drunk enough though?

  2. The Guv'ner says:

    I’d never noticed Michelle Obama’s “badonkadonk” before last night, truthfully, but girlfriend can fill a dress indeed. Not that I’m into the ladies, but hey. Curves are curves!

  3. Tony Spunk says:

    Well sure I would. With a baseball bat with nails in it!

    I’m not sure I could “hit” that if I was intoxicated AND she had a bag on her head. Although I don’t know. That ass looks pretty damn fine. And I don’t mean Bill either.

  4. Tony Spunk says:

    Hey Guvner, that lady is poured into her dresses one smooth chocolate mocha spoonful at a time. I think I’m in love, truthfully.

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