Checking In

Jesus Christos. Mexico is fucking insane, you guys.  If I make it back alive I’ll tell you about it.  You know, once I get out of rehab and the Clap clinic.



4 Responses to Checking In

  1. Ganbatte! (That’s Japanese for hang on in there!)

  2. Gnugs says:

    I KNEW you didn’t forget about us! Have fun down there.

  3. Tony Spunk says:

    Senor Reviewer – It’s hard work but I think I can handle it.

    Gnuggsy – I could never forget a lovely lady. Smooch.

  4. Tony Spunk says:

    Hey Mr. Reviewer, sorry I missed your comment up there, it must have been too awesome and slipped through my goddamn filter.

    Thanks though, bro.

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