When The Ladies Ain’t Kosher

Hola Esses!

What the hay, it’s been a few days since Senor Spunk saturated you with his supreme wisdom and sparkly life highlights, huh! I have a good excuse though. I just plum didn’t feel like it.

Don’t get me wrong though I’ve been working hard. You don’t know hard till you’ve whored yourself out to an entire sorority house, singing Backstreet Boys and Nsync numbers for $200. And let’s not forget the awesome opportunity to observe 20 something females drunk off their asses on cheap tequila. But hey, if anyone’s up to romancin’ the college chicks, Tony’s your guy.

At least that’s what I was thinking when I agreed to do the gig. It’s not my usual forum certainly, but it’s one I was agreeable to in the vain hope there’d be some sort of “Girls Gone Wild”, chicks-making-out type celebration taking place with much gratuitous flashing of firm fleshy mounds and drunk-assed, inhibition-free blondes asking to sit on my organ. And I was sort of half right.

The sorority was part of a local college that specializes in providing education for ex-prisoners and kids who came through the reform system. They were all full-on pleased to be at the party but man some of those gals were rode hard and put away wet in a big way. A couple of them I’ve seen off the Strip wearing not much more than a shiny belt and lipstick, if you get my drift. Some of those party gals kind of make you want to hand over your hard-earned bucks if they’d just agree to keep their tops ON, dig? One of those chicks was deformed. She insisted on dancing to every song. I couldn’t take my peepers off her strapless top. Imagine two hippopotamuses having a fist fight in a mail sack and you’re sort of halfway there.

Anyway, yeah the show was ok. I felt a little overdressed in my purple satin tux and bow tie (stylin’ is my middle name y’all) when most of the guests were wearing handkerchiefs for dresses and no panties, but you know, I like to be professional and all. Besides I got out alive and virtually unscathed although I needed to bleach my eyeballs after some of those more doughy ladies attempted some naked somersaults.

That’s all I got. Deal with it guys.


8 Responses to When The Ladies Ain’t Kosher

  1. Poobomber says:

    I think sororities should be off limits for everyone but Jeremy Piven, no?

  2. Tony Spunk says:

    Dude is my hero. If a little weasel dude with a huge noggin and an attitude can snare the ladies there’s hope for all dudes. Even Jared from Subway.

    Okay maybe not him.

  3. Dr Zibbs says:

    College chicks are the best.

  4. Tony Spunk says:

    Doc – So long as they keep their mouths shut, yes. Okay, let me rephrase that. So long as they don’t TALK.

  5. NSYNC and Backstreet boys? Are you sure it wasn’t a playgroup?

  6. Tony Spunk says:

    At times it sure seemed like it! I threw in some Manilow also, once they’re trashed they’d dance to a fart cushion.

  7. BeckEye says:

    I remember those nights whoring myself out to the Backstreet Boys. Good times, good times.

  8. Tony Spunk says:

    BeckEye – Spread some honey in Tony’s direction, sweetcheeks. I like me some hot little livewire brainy chicks you know! Smooches.

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