Lost Weekend With Los Gorditos

I had a couple buddies in town from Texas this past couple of days, playing a mariachi festival up in the Reno area. They figured while in Nevada, look up the Spunk for a good time. Not that kinda good time, I’m not that kind of boy.

We had a blast just drinkin’ and hangin’ and boasting about who had the biggest penis, that kind of deal. You know what those Tejanos are like after a few bottles of Tecate. Everything’s a fuckin’ competition. I’ll tell you one thing. Mexicans might not be the Amazons of modern man but they sure have disproportionately large dongers. Not that I looked. Well I might have peeked. A guy’s gotta know what he’s up against. Again, not literally. Tony Spunk doesn’t swing that way. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

The second night the guys joined me on stage at the Pink Flamingo for a little Mexican themed hoedown, complete with sombreros and full bolero jacketed goodness. One thing. Who here knew a sombrero brim could hold a sixpack? My grandfather on my father’s side was from Ancuna, Mexico. He used to tell me a sombrero could be used for anything from potty training to berry picking to holding a giant margarita. He was a little fucked from too much tequila however, so I took that with a grain of salt. Margarita salt naturally.

Anyway those guys leave today (vibes to Tito, El Lobo and Esteban!) and my fridge is full of Tex Mex, so I’m gonna go, eat a load, dump a load and get ready for tonight’s show.  Incidentally, my wanger’s doing better now, thanks for your concern.  Peace out!


6 Responses to Lost Weekend With Los Gorditos

  1. Dr Zibbs says:

    Is all of the garbled stuff at the top of each post a code? If it is, I bet it contains either the word Hoboken, Gimlet or cufflinks

  2. tonyspunk says:

    There’s garbled stuff at the top of each post? I don’t see it! For real Doc. What the hay? There usually is garbled nonsense when I post it but I delete it and it looks fine. The only garbled nonsense should be the crapola that I write…

  3. katrocket says:

    It looks like this:

    and it says “Tony Spunk lives by his own code, hombres.”

    Did the popsicle dickcast work? Science waits in wonder.

  4. tonyspunk says:

    My code says “Smooth, hirsute and dangerous to know”. Seriously however, I can see no gibberish when I view the page so I’m flummoxed. I did twiddle with a few things so let me know if it looks any better yet, lovely lady. Otherwise, Tony is El Stumpoed.

  5. katrocket says:

    It worked! No more code!

    You may now choose an item from the fabulous Prize Showcase….

  6. tonyspunk says:

    Honey Pie, Tony has some smarts you dig? I couldn’t see that darn code at all from my end but I saw it in the html section during editing a post and a light went on. Groovy!

    Can I have you as my prize? ROWR!

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