Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Last night I joined my good buddy Leslie Von Snoot and his band on stage at the Bellagio for a couple of numbers. He needed an organ and the general consensus is Tony Spunk has the biggest organ on the strip.

So we jammed. We threw down some Martinis, we crooned some tunes, we schmoozed with the ladies, we held court at the bar. We were like freaking Siegfried and Roy or something. Only without the tigers. Or the gay. Not that you could tell from Leslie’s shirt.

Also, I met a foxy lady myself last night. Her name’s Veronica and she’s a little pistol. Smart, sassy and stacked. Enormous uncontainable jugs and an ass you could park a Hummer on. You’d need a map to navigate those contours. It’s a rack straight from heaven.

Of course, her face is gonna take some getting used to but you know. One thing at a time.

Veronica and me did some slow dancing, some bossa nova and the electricity was flying, and not just the static from her massive beach balls rubbin’ against my polyester suit either, I know you’re thinking it.

Anyway, I’m a gentleman so I’m not gonna get into what happened after we left the venue but you all have imaginations so knock yourselves out.


6 Responses to Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

  1. dopeypants says:

    I’m assuming you guys went and played with legos?

  2. tonyspunk says:

    Tony is genius at fitting stuff into other stuff so the concept is the same, brother.

  3. Katrocket says:

    I wish that we could hold court in a bar up here in Canada. You can never get a drink when you need it the most: while fighting your parking tickets.

  4. tonyspunk says:

    Sweet lady, anytime is the time for booze. Especially if that booze has a fine umbrella in it. I’m sure a fine lady like yourself can hold court in any bar you choose, and if that bar is ever in Vegas, be sure to let Uncle Tony know where and when. Smooch!

  5. Dr Zibbs says:

    I hear you with the face Spunk. One time I was dating this dame named Laverne. Hot Body. Face like one of them there Quasimotos. The cure? I bought her a classy Coach bag, cut two holes in it and told her it was the newest fashion from Paris France. The only catch was, theys wearing it on their heads over there. She bought it hook , line and sinker.

  6. tonyspunk says:

    Doc, you might be my hero. Although, usually I’m not one for harnassing a lady’s unique “beauty”, however, it has come to my attention that there are some ladies out there who are a little unkind on the peepers, therefore I feel your pain. Besides, so long as their back yard is accessible to squeeze, it doesn’t matter if the face is sucking on a lemon am I right?

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