Let’s Hear It For The Man(ilow)

One of my favorite dudes to cover in my set, is Barry Manilow. The ladies dig some Manilow and that guarantees they also dig me, dig? Now, I can’t fathom the attraction of some shriveled, orange dude with a substantial honker, personally, but the geezer did pen some great songs and I aim to use them to my best advantage. Here’s a little excerpt from the Las Vegas Sun, regarding one of my performances last month at “Chuckies”:

Tony Spunk, not ashamed or encumbered by his bright fuchsia shirt , his quite Sonny Bonoesque mustache or unabashedly glitzy sequined pants, delivered a show full of zaniness, sincerity and Barry Manilow covers that would cause Barry himself to consider hanging up his dancing shoes in defeat. To hear Tony croon the heart-wrenching lament of “Mandy” (she came and she gave without taking) or watch him pound his organ while his feet get artsy to “Copacabana”, a person might understandably forget their taxes, their rent, life’s little inconveniences, for just an hour as they are transported to a glittering heaven filled with flamenco dancers, champagne flutes and cheap tequila through Tony Spunk’s original brand of lounge lizard smoothness.

I think they like me.

How about you, ladies? Do you like me?


2 Responses to Let’s Hear It For The Man(ilow)

  1. Katrocket says:

    What’s not to like?

  2. tonyspunk says:

    Grudgingly, Tony Spunk has to admit, the Manilow is The Man. If the ladies dig the dude, Tony digs the dude, dig?

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